Custom Jewelry Design Services in Newton, MA

Our custom design process is simple

You imagine in it, we make it! Our goal is to make your dream piece come to reality. Every person has a unique dream piece and for us to be part of making this dream come to reality is very special.

Step 1: Consultation

Every custom design starts with a consultation. We will work together with you to understand your thoughts and desires. From an existing jewelry image or sketching a new one, we’ll put the design concept on paper.

Step 2: The Design

We use the latest Jewelry design CAD technology and transform the simple hand sketch in a computer generated two dimensional images. At this point you have the ability to make any changes (if needed) to transform the design into the piece of your dreams.

Step 3: The Making

At this stage, the CAD image will be cast into a wax model allowing you to feel and see the exact details of the finished piece. Once confirmed that it meets your expectation, the piece is cast in either 14KT, 18KT white or yellow gold or Platinum. We will then set all the stones with precision and clean/hand polish the piece to perfection.

Step 4: The Delivery

The finished piece will pass through our rigorous quality assurance where it will be checked for any imperfections. Only when we’re 100% satisfied with the final outcome, we will deliver the piece for you to enjoy.

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